Wane Fawesome - Baby I'm your stalker (parody of Justin Biebers , Boyfriend)

by Wane Fawes

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Baby I'm Your Stalker
Lyrics by Wane Fawes

Baby I'm your stalker, and I bet you didn't know.
I follow you all the time, and everywhere you go.
Baby when you take a shower you would never know.
I was close enough to you that I could pass you the soap.

scopin scopin scopin, on you.
I'll be chillin by the window while we're watching Scooby Doo.
You dunno about me, but I know all about you.
Your gonna have to pee in three, two. (go)

I'd love to be the one holding your hand.
But right now, well your on the can.

Baby I'm your stalker, and I know your better than yourself.
And if you never see me its cause I'm always in stealth.
I'm always a gentleman, I'd be there for you in a flash.
Baby I'm your stalker, now i need to go through your trash, now i gotta to go through your trash.

Don't tell me what your gonna do cause I already know.
Its on your night stand but your batteries are low.
Your all set up and your just about to go.
Give me just a minute cause i want to make a video.

Climbing, climbing now your almost there.
But when you do it you make noises like a grizzly bear.
Guys don't probably like it but i can tell you now.
Baby when I do it I make noises like a cow.

I'd love to be on the couch with you.
But I'm too scared, to talk to you.

Baby I'm your stalker, And I watch you all the time.
And If I don't get caught well my lawyer says that it's not a crime.
I'm always a gentleman, when I watch you sleep.
Baby I'm your stalker, so you never ever hear a peep.
No you never ever hear a peep.

So give me a chance and you'll see a different side of me.
Ill do everything for you and ill always treat you right.
And together it won't be as nearly as creepy.
But for now ill be under your bed tonight.

Baby I'm your stalker and ill always be there for you.
Hiding in the bushes recording everything you do.
I'll always be a gentlemen, and Ill always be right here.
But if you get a boyfriend, well he's probably gonna disappear.
Probably gonna disappear.


released May 18, 2012



all rights reserved


Wane Fawesome Los Angeles, California

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